LECTURES 2014-2015


December 1

TIMOTHY POWER, Rutgers University

"Singing 'Brothers': The New Sappho in Performance"

Dodd 161, 5:00pm

Power flyer 



November 22

MATTHEW ROLLER, John Hopkins University

"How not to get royally angry, according to Seneca"

Royce 314, 2:00pm

Roller Public flyer 2

November 20

REBECCA LANGLANDS, University of Exeter

"The Telling Kind: Roman exempla and Cultural Memory"

Dodd 161, 5:00pm

 Langlands flyer

October 30

DEBORAH STEINER, Columbia University

"Choreo-graphy: Catalogues, Choruses, and Lists in Writing"

Dodd 275, 5:00pm

Steiner flyer