Upcoming Lectures

May 12

CARLIN BARTON, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Rome Without Religion, Or, What You Can See If You Stop Looking For What Isn't There" 

Barton Lecture Flyer

May 5


"Re-Thinking Aesthetic Experience"

Peponi Lecture Poster

April 18

PHILIP HARDIE, University of Cambridge

"Paradox, Mirabilia, Miracles."

hardie web

March 31

The Joan Palevsky Lecture in Classics

JOY CONNOLLY, New York University

"Radical virtue: Imitations of Rome in 18th century revolutions"

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February 16

EDITH HALL, Kings College, London

"Nothing to do with Sicily: A Thracian Reading of Aristophanes’ Birds.”

Dodd 248, 5pm

hall flyer

February 4

JOSEPH FARRELL, University of Pennsylvania

"The Roman Republic of Letters, 43 BC–17 BC"

Dodd 248, 4pm

 farrell poster

February 8

RUTH SCODEL, University of Michigan

"Positive Thinking in Hesiod"

Dodd 248, 5pm

scodel poster

February 16

EDITH HALL, King's College London

Dodd 248, 5pm


Past Events

November 23

RICHARD MARTIN, Stanford University

"Born on the 4th"

Dodd 248, 5pm

martin poster

November 2


"Twitter: The Rhetoric of Chatter in the Apuleian corpus"

Dodd 248, 5pm

Eccleston flyer

October 22

BENJAMIN FORTSON, University of Michigan

"Saturn's Revenge, or, Getting the Short End of the Hemistich (Some Notes on Old Latin Meters)"

Dodd 275, 4pm

 fortson flyer