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Past Lectures

May 12

CARLIN BARTON, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Rome Without Religion, Or, What You Can See If You Stop Looking For What Isn't There" 

Barton Lecture Flyer

May 5


"Re-Thinking Aesthetic Experience"

Peponi Lecture Poster

April 18

PHILIP HARDIE, University of Cambridge

"Paradox, Mirabilia, Miracles."

hardie web

March 31

The Joan Palevsky Lecture in Classics

JOY CONNOLLY, New York University

"Radical virtue: Imitations of Rome in 18th century revolutions"

palevsky2016 web

February 16

EDITH HALL, Kings College, London

"Nothing to do with Sicily: A Thracian Reading of Aristophanes’ Birds.”

Dodd 248, 5pm

hall flyer

February 4

JOSEPH FARRELL, University of Pennsylvania

"The Roman Republic of Letters, 43 BC–17 BC"

Dodd 248, 4pm

 farrell poster

February 8

RUTH SCODEL, University of Michigan

"Positive Thinking in Hesiod"

Dodd 248, 5pm

scodel poster

February 16

EDITH HALL, King's College London

Dodd 248, 5pm


Past Events

November 23

RICHARD MARTIN, Stanford University

"Born on the 4th"

Dodd 248, 5pm

martin poster

November 2


"Twitter: The Rhetoric of Chatter in the Apuleian corpus"

Dodd 248, 5pm

Eccleston flyer

October 22

BENJAMIN FORTSON, University of Michigan

"Saturn's Revenge, or, Getting the Short End of the Hemistich (Some Notes on Old Latin Meters)"

Dodd 275, 4pm

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Past Lectures

May 11

PAUL ALLEN MILLER, University of South Carolina

"Going Soft on Canidia: Violence, Irony and the Real in the Epodes"

Dodd 146, 5pm


May 14

EMILY GOWERS, University of Cambridge

"Maecenas and the Lyric Tyrant"

YRL Presentation Room, 4pm

gowers flyer



May 1

RACHEL FULTON BROWN, University of Chicago

"Mary and the Body of God: Servasanctus of Faenza and the Psalter of Creation"

Bunche 6275, 12pm

Brown flyer

April 27

DR. ALAIN TOUWAIDE, Scientific Director, Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions

Workshop: "Knowledge without Frontiers: Medieval and Renaissance Medical Traditions in UCLA Collections"

Royce Hall 306, 12pm

Touwaide flyer workshop

April 28

DR. ALAIN TOUWAIDE, Scientific Director, Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions

"The Healing Herbs of Antiquity" Dioscorides, De materia medica

Royce Hall 306, 5pm

Touwaide lecture

April 29

STEPHEN HINDS, University of Washington, Seattle

Workshop: "Trends in Latin Poetics and Classical Reception."

YRL Presentation Room (YRL 11348), 12-1:30pm

Hinds workshop

April 30

STEPHEN HINDS, University of Washington, Seattle

"utriusque linguae: Parallel Lives, Pastoral Contests"

Dodd 170, 5pm

 Hinds flyer

April 20

USC/UCLA Classics Colloquium

Young Research Library 11348

View program here

 UCLAUSC Classics Colloquium2015

April 13

ALDO SCHIAVONE, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane

"Slavery and inequality in the first book of Aristotle's Poetics"

Dodd 275, 4:30pm

 Schiavone flyer

April 9

Religion in the Ancient World

HARRIET FLOWER, Princeton University
MICHAEL FLOWER, Princeton University

Young Research Library 11348, 4:00pm

Religion in Ancient World

March 9

LUUK HUITINK, University of Heidelberg

"Enargeia and the Language of Immersion"

Dodd 175, 5:00pm

 Huitink flyer

February 19

JEREMY RAU, Harvard University

"Archaism and Innovation in Homeric Language"

Public Affairs 2250, 4:00pm

rau poster

February 12

TIMOTHY ROOD, St Hugh's College, University of Oxford

"'I come like Themistocles': Napoleon and Classical Antiquity"

 UCLA Faculty Center, Hacienda Room, 5:00pm

 Rood Flyer

February 6-7

Classics Graduate Conference, "Bodies in Revolt"


January 15

ADAMANTIA VASILOGAMVROU, Curator (emerita) of Antiquities, Greece

"Power Centralization in Mycenaean Laconia: The Palace at Ayios Vasileios, Sparta"

Fowler A222, 5:00pm


December 1

TIMOTHY POWER, Rutgers University

"Singing 'Brothers': The New Sappho in Performance"

Dodd 161, 5:00pm

Power flyer

November 22

MATTHEW ROLLER, John Hopkins University

"How not to get royally angry, according to Seneca"

Royce 314, 2:00pm

Roller Public flyer 2

November 20

REBECCA LANGLANDS, University of Exeter

"The Telling Kind: Roman exempla and Cultural Memory"

Dodd 161, 5:00pm

 Langlands flyer

October 30

DEBORAH STEINER, Columbia University

"Choreo-graphy: Catalogues, Choruses, and Lists in Writing"

Dodd 275, 5:00pm

Steiner flyer


LECTURES 2013-2014

May 5

FRANÇOIS LISSARRAGUE, UC Berkeley Visiting Sather Professor

"The Image in the Image: Looking at Shield Devices"

Dodd 146, 5:00pm

 lissarrague poster

April 28

SILVIA MONTIGLIO, Johns Hopkins University

"Coming Home in Sleep: The Parallel nostos of Odysseus and Penelope"

Dodd 170, 5:00pm

 Montiglio flyer

March 6 and 7


March 6 5:00pm, Dodd 146:

Brian Apicella "The Epistemological Function of Plato's Myth of the Reversed Cosmos"
Caitlin Halasz "The Heraclean Odysseus and the Odyssean Heracles"

March 7 4:00pm, Dodd 154:

Alex Lessie "Subversive Fidelity in Livy's Account of Masinissa and Sophoniba"
Justin Vorhis "The Best of the Macedonians: Alexander as Achilles in Curtius' History of Alexander"

practice talks

February 19

ROMAIN BRETHES, Lycée Janson-de-Sailly

"Politics is Comedy"

Dodd 170, 5:00pm

brethes lecture

February 13

JEANNINE DIDDLE UZZI, University of Southern Maine

"Beyond Roman Women: Ethnicity and Sexuality in Images of Captivity from the Roman Empire."

Dodd 146, 5:00pm

uzzi lecture

January 28


"The changing face of ancient Greek literature: the roles of papyri"

Dodd 146, 5:00pm

haslam lecture

January 27


A discussion with Leslie Kurke (University of California, Berkeley)

Leavey Library Auditorium (USC), 3:00pm


January 24

MATTHEW LOAR, Visiting Graduate Researcher, Stanford University

"Drunk in Drag: The Myth of Hercules and Omphale in Augustan Political Discourse"

Dodd 154, 4:00pm

loar lecture

January 21


Dodd 275 4:00-5:00pm


November 5

SETH SCHEIN, University of California, Davis

"War, What is it Good for in Homer's Iliad?: Modern Receptions of the Iliad 1940-2011"

Schein poster

October 30


"From Alphas to Epigrams to Epic: Storybuilding in Iliad 6"

  buchan poster

October 16

PIERRE DESTRÉE, Université catholique de Louvain

"Aristotle on dramatic katharsis"

Destre e


LECTURES 2012-2013

May 28

BARBARA GOLD, Hamilton College

"How Many Juvenals Were There? Gender, the Body, Sexual Deviance and the Idea of the Book"

May 15

CHRIS FARAONE, University of Chicago

"Women and Children First: the Earliest Evidence for Ancient Greek Body Amulets"


May 6

PETER HESLIN, Durham University

"The Boundaries of Painting and Poetry According to Zeuxis, Propertius and Lessing"

April 29

CLEMENTE MARCONI, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU

The Institute of Fine Arts-NYU Excavations on the Akropolis of Selinunte:

Towards an Archaeology of Cult in a Greek Colony in the West

April 22

TIM WHITMARSH, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Atheistic Aesthetics: Reading the Sisyphus Fragment

March 11


Homer's Achaean Wall and the Hypothetical Past


March 4

ROBERT PARKER, Sather Professor-New College, Oxford

Religion and Colonization: the Hellenistic Case

February 28

MARK GRIFFITH, University of California, Berkeley

GLENN MOST, University of Chicago


February 27


Bunche 6265 12:00-1:00pm

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Travel Study ROME


February 25

ANNA BONIFAZI, University of Heidelberg

The Doing of Saying: Herodotus, Thucydides and the Role of Particles


February 8

FRANCESCA MARTELLI, Cambridge University

Rewriting the Republic of Letters in Cicero's ad Fam. 15

January 30

MARTIN DEVECKA, Brown University

Danger Mouse: Mice In and Out of Ancient Rome

January 24

KELLY SHANNON, University of Erfurt

Nero the Transgressor in Tacitus' Annals: A Narrative in Prodigies

January 17

JARED HUDSON, University of California, Berkeley

Spectaclum Ipsa Sedens: A Poetics of the Carpentum



December 8

Egypt in the Days of Queen Cleopatra: A Study Day on Ptolemaic Egypt



November 26

MANTHA ZARMAKOUPI, Getty Visiting Scholar

"Landscape Themes in the Design of the Luxurious Villas of the Bay of Naples"


November 7

Steinmetz Lecture

OLGA PALAGIA, University of Athens

"The Motja Youth and the Battle of Himera: Classical Art and History in Sicily"

October 29

MARYLINE G. PARCA, University of California San Diego

"Seeking Children in Ptolemaic Egypt"




October 15

CELIA E. SCHULTZ, University of Michigan

"Divination in Cicero's Philosophical Program"