Caitlin Halasz

A.B.,  Classics (Greek), Vassar College, 2010 (general and departmental honors and Phi Beta Kappa) Thesis: “Interpreting Poetic Lives: Perceptions of Archaic Lyric Poetry in the Second Sophistic”

M.A., Classics, UCLA, 2012 M.A. Paper: “Reproducing Medea: Euripides, Neophron, and the Ethics of Literary Originality in Greek Tragedy”

Research Interests:
My research interests span across a broad area of Greek literature and culture, but my primary focus is on tragedy, particularly Euripides. I am interested in literary representations of women and gender, particularly representations of motherhood and other familial relationships, as well as literary and cultural representations of weaving, spinning, and other traditional women’s work

In addition to planning a dissertation on Euripides, I am currently working on my Qualifying Paper on the portrayal of weaving and textiles in Ovid’s Heroides.

Papers Presented:
“The Silence of the Shuttle: The Voiceless Procne and the Absent Philomela in Aristophanes’ Birds”, March 2015, CAMWS Annual Meeting, Boulder, Colorado

“The Heraclean Odysseus and the Odyssean Heracles: A Homeric Intertext in Euripides’ Heracles,” April 2014, CAMWS Annual Meeting, Waco, Texas

 “Winding up Doloi: Literal and Metaphorical Textile Language in Homer,” March 2012, CAMWS Annual Meeting, Baton Rouge, Louisiana