Robert Groves

Robert Groves

Education: B.S., Classics, University of Wisconsin, 2002; Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Classics, UCLA, 2005, M.A., Classics, UCLA 2007. C. Phil., Classics, UCLA 2010, Ph.D., Classics 2012 (anticipated)

Awards: Logan Prize for Greek Translation and Pillinger Prize for Latin Translation, University of Wisconsin, 2002; Graduate Research Mentorship, UCLA, 2008-2009; American Society of Papyrologists Scholarship, 2008; Collegium of University Teaching Fellows, UCLA, 2010; Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA, 2011; UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award, UCLA, 2011.

Research and Teaching Interests:
Greek Literature (especially the novel)
Greco-Roman Egypt (including Documentary Papyrology and Demotic Egyptian)
Geographic and Ethnographic Writings (and their Renaissance Reception)
Classical Linguistics (especially Ancient Bilingualism)

Activities: Co-Chair, Freaks! Exploring the Unnatural in the Classical World, UCLA, 2006; "The Librarian and the Shaman: Making Sense of Apollonius's Allusions to Empedocles," CAMWS, 2007; “Stanford Greek Green 8”, Papyrology Institute at Stanford University, 2008; Teaching Assistant Consultant, UCLA Classics, 2008-2009; "Heliodorus and Ancient Bilingualism: Fiction and Facts", Ancient Cultures in Contact: Catalysts for Change, University of Pennsylvania, 2009; “Women, Sex, Bilingualism, and the Aethiopika,” APA, 2010. Statue to Story: Ovid's Metamorphosis of Hermaphroditus,”APA, 2012.
Theatrical performances including acting and singing roles: Gilbert and Sullivan's Thespis (APA, 2006), Aristophanes' Birds (APA, 2007). Direction of the beginning Latin students' production of Auricula Meretricula (UCLA, 2009, 2007)

Dissertation Topic: “Interpreting the Language Barrier in the Worlds of Heliodorus” David Blank*, Jacco Dieleman (NELC), Mario Telò, Brent Vine.