Affiliated Programs



Offers Certificate

Our own department offers a Certificate in Classics to UCLA graduate students from other programs who wish to formalize their work. In order to obtain a certificate, a student must meet a minimum of 6 courses that are structured as follows:

  • Three courses chosen from the following, split between Greek and Latin (i.e., 2 Greek/1 Latin, or 2 Latin/1 Greek): Greek 200A/B/C and Latin 200A/B/C.
  • Greek 210 or Latin 210
  • Two graduate seminar courses in Classical literature or culture (including, with the approval of the Graduate Advisor, the possibility of one graduate seminar in a related department or program, such as Art History, Archaeology, History, Philosophy).Note: Graduate seminars that fulfill a requirement in the student’s home graduate program cannot be counted (e.g., Greek 240 for students in IE Studies, if Greek 240 is used to fulfill the Greek Qualifying Exam requirement in IE Studies). All elective choices are subject to the approval of the Classics Graduate Advisor (in consultation with the Graduate Advisor of the student’s home department or program). Students should also pass two Greek and two Latin survey courses with a grade of B or better on both sections of the exam and a B+ in the overall course.

The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA is a research organization dedicated to the creation, dissemination, and conservation of archaeological knowledge and heritage. It is home to both the Interdepartmental Archaeology Program and the UCLA/Getty Program in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation. The Institute offers a lively program of talks and seminars throughout the year, offers summer fellowships for archaeological fieldwork, and helps to coordinate fieldwork opportunities. Several departmental faculty are members of the Institute.

Digital Humanities

Offers Certificate

UCLA has been at the forefront of Digital Humanities for more than a decade. The Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities was designed in part by faculty in our department and welcomes Classics graduate students.

Indo-European Studies

Offers Certificate

The Program in Indo-European Studies focuses on the study of the ancient Indo-European languages and of their reconstructed ancestor, Proto-Indo-European, based on methods drawn from comparative-historical, theoretical, and computational linguistics. It is one of the most prestigious programs of its kind in the world. PIES offers a Graduate Certificate in Indo-European Studies in which Classics graduate students are welcome.


Offers Concentration

LGBTS at UCLA is a program and offers a concentration through Gender Studies. The program each year sponsors the (huge) LA Queer Studies Conference, which welcomes grad student papers. LGBTS also takes applications for two to three teaching assistantships. Contact:

Early Global Studies

Offers Certificate

The CMRS Center for Early Global Studies (CMRS—CEGS) promotes and sustains transdisciplinary studies of the periods from the 3rd to the 17th century CE across the globe. It offers a Graduate Certificate in Global Medieval Studies.

Gender Studies

Offers Concentration

Gender Studies at UCLA is a department, but it is still possible for students in other departments to graduate with a concentration in Gender Studies and apply for their grants and fellowships. Requirements: 16 units of grad-level courses. Gender Studies sponsors a big grad conference every year, “Thinking Gender,” in which our students have often participated. Contact Jenna Miller-Von Ah,