Assistant Professor Bryant Kirkland’s book reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement

Published: November 16, 2022

Assistant Professor Bryant Kirkland was delighted to have his new book Herodotus and Imperial Greek Literature: criticism, imitation, reception (Oxford, 2022) reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement, a venerable general-interest publication with a wide reach beyond the academy. The review’s author, Peter Thonemann (Professor of Ancient History at Oxford), calls Kirkland’s book “sparkling” and declares that “Herodotus and Imperial Greek Literature is a wonderful book, overflowing​ ​with life and ideas. It deserves to be read by everyone interested in​ ​Herodotus, above all as a triumphant vindication of the value of reception​ ​studies – not just as a branch of literary history, but as a way of enriching and​ ​transforming our understanding of the ‘source’ author.”