Student Projects of Prof. Kelly Nguyen’s Asian and Asian American reception of Greco-Roman classical antiquity class

Published: June 10, 2024
Spring 2024 Class Photo  (not all students present in the photograph)
In Spring 2024, Prof. Kelly Nguyen designed and taught the first course ever to focus specifically on Asian and Asian American reception of Greco-Roman classical antiquity. This course coincides with a significant moment in the history of Classics as calls grow louder and louder for the discipline to become more expansive and inclusive not only in terms of what Classics should include, but also who.
Since Asian and diasporic Asian classical reception is a relatively new, but quickly growing, subfield, students play a key part in shaping its growth and direction. Students in this class were tasked with taking on the role of an educator for the final project. Collaborating in teams, they created digital content on materials from the class that they wanted to share with the public.
One of the student projects is an educational Instagram account called Project Dionysus which explores Exploring Asian/Asian American classical reception here
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