“Know Thyself: Ancient Proverbs and the Road to Wisdom” | Kathryn Morgan

Published: February 7, 2021

Professor Kathryn Morgan, UCLA Department of Classics, lectures on “Know Thyself: Ancient Proverbs and the Road to Wisdom,” (as part of International Greek Language Day). Kathryn Morgan is Professor of Classics in the Department of Classics at UCLA. Her interests range broadly over Greek literature of the fifth and fourth centuries BC. She regularly teaches…

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Symposium: A Celebration of International Greek Language Day

Published: February 9, 2020

Symposium: International Greek Language Day | Sunday, February 9 Abstracts of talks Brent Vine (UCLA). Greek in the Bronze Age: Linear B and Mycenaean Greek. 2:10-2:50pm     Almost unique among languages of the world, the Greek language provides continuous written documentation over a span of more than three millennia, and has retained its identity as “Greek”…

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