The Capstone Seminar is offered once a year, usually in the fall or the winter, and is required of all majors in the Classics department (minors may take the seminar with the approval of the instructor). The aim of this seminar is to provide an intense and focused research experience for a small group of majors in their junior or senior year. The seminar meets for three hours once a week and is focused on allowing students to consolidate and build upon the skills and knowledge they have gained over the course of their major. Students in the Capstone Seminar will be expected to present in-depth reports in class and to submit a substantial final paper or project. Students will be given the opportunity to engage in primary texts and/or materials and secondary scholarship in a sustained way. The subject of the Capstone Seminar varies according to the interests and specialties of the professor teaching it. This class may only be taken after Classics 10 & 20 and four upper division courses in the major have been completed. Please contact the Faculty Undergraduate Advisor to discuss your plan of when to take Classics 191. This course may only be enrolled in via a PTE number distributed by the Student Affairs Officer.

Past Capstone Seminars Include:

Winter 2009: The Immortal Experience, Professor Alex Purves

Spring 2009: Hadrian: The Enigmatic Emperor, Professor Robert Gurval

Fall 2009: Exploring your Multi-media Metis in the Transformed Polis of Aristophanes’ Birds and Ecclesiazusae, Professor Ann Bergren

Winter 2010: The Age of Constantine, Professor Kathryn McDonnell

Fall 2010: Image and Text, Professor John Papadopoulos

Winter 2011: The Tradition of the Trojan War, Professor Sarah Morris

Fall 2011: Writing the History of Sexuality, Professor Amy Richlin

Winter 2012: The Other Plays of Aeschylus, Professor Alex Purves

Fall 2012: Dreams in Greek Culture, Professor David Blank

Winter 2013: The Body in Greek Tragedy and Comedy, Professor Guilia Sissa

Fall 2013: The Ancient Novel, Professor Mario TeloSyllabus CL 191_F19 _FINAL

Winter 2014: Ancient Languages, Professor Brent Vine

Winter 2015: Death and Dying in Ancient Rome, Professor Chris Johanson

Spring 2015: Ovid and Literary History, Professor Francesca Martelli

Fall 2015: The Trojan War in Greece and Rome, Professor Sarah Morris

Winter 2016: Loot: Antiquity, Archaeology, and Crime: Professor Kathryn McDonnell

Fall 2016: Dreams in Greek Culture: Professor David Blank

Winter 2017: America and Rome: Politics, Culture, and Art: Professor Robert Gurval

Winter 2018: Madness in the Ancient World: Professor Kathryn Morgan

Fall 2018: The Erotic Experince in Ancient Greece: Professor Bryant Kirkland

Winter 2019: Writing History of Sexuality: Professor Amy Richlin

Fall 2019: Image and Text in Classical Antiquity: Professor John Papadopoulos

Winter 2021: Ancient Mediterranean Languages: Focus on Greek and Latin: Professor Brent Vine