Graduate Student Awards

Published: May 31, 2023

Congratulations to the following graduate students!

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Awards (2023)

Mary Anastasi, “Food for Thought: The Parasite as Intellectual in Imperial Greek Literature” (mentor: David Blank)

Nicolette D’Angelo, “Queer corporealities in Hippokratic case histories” (mentor: Ella Haselswerdt)

Jennifer MacPherson, “Like an Egg”: De-universalizing the Cosmic Egg Myth” (mentor: Giulia Sissa)

Emma Pauly, “A Glittering Assemblage: Diffuse Divine Embodiment in the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite” (mentor: Alex Purves)

JuliAnne Rach, “Cicero’s Historical Narratives” (mentor: Hannah Čulík-Baird)

Graduate Research Mentorship Award (2023-24)

Grant Hussong, “Disability in Herodotus: Individuation, Narrative, Medicine” (mentor: Bryant Kirkland)

Dissertation Year Fellowship (2023-24)

Jasmine Akiyama-Kim, “Nero v. False Neros: Imposture and Succession in Imperial Historiography” (dissertation supervisors: Francesca Martelli & Lydia Spielberg)

Departmental Citation for Teaching Excellence 2023

Jasmine Akiyama-Kim