Living in Los Angeles


The city of Los Angeles, positioned at the center of the Pacific Rim economy, is one of the leading metropoles of the twenty-first century. It has the largest Asian/Pacific Island population in the United States and boasts the biggest Hispanic community outside Mexico City and Guadalajara. As home to people from hundreds of countries, speaking some 95 different languages, its landscape is characterized by unparalleled levels of ethnic diversity, social and political experimentation, and a multitude of urban life experiences.

Few cities have captivated the imagination as spectacularly as L.A., creating a dynamic cultural environment for the arts. L.A. is home to literally thousands of galleries, museums, theaters, concert halls, libraries, markets, and indoor and outdoor eating places and entertainment venues. With the added bonus of a beautiful physical environment and near-perfect weather, L.A. is a terrific place for both a life education and scholarly pursuit.


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