Professor Giulia Sissa publishes A Cultural History of Ideas in Classical Antiquity

Published: November 21, 2022
Congratulations to Giulia Sissa on the publication of A Cultural History of Ideas, co-edited with Clifford Ando, as part of the Bloomsbury A Cultural History of Ideas series
Professor Sissa also has an essay in the volume entitled “The Human Self”

Table of Contents

Volume 1: A Cultural History of Ideas in Classical Antiquity
Edited by Clifford Ando, University of Chicago, USA, Thomas Habinek, University of Southern California, USA and Giulia Sissa, University of California Los Angeles, USA

1. Knowledge, Thomas Habinek
2. The Human Self, Giulia Sissa
3. Ethics and Social Relations, James Ker
4. Politics and Economies, Clifford Ando
5. Nature, G.E.R. Lloyd
6. Religion and the Divine, Zsuzsanna Várhelyi
7. Language, Poetry, Rhetoric, Sean Gurd
8. The Arts, Ruth Webb
9. History, Lucas Herchenroeder and Clifford Ando