Greg Woolf

A photo of Greg Woolf
E-mail: Office: Bunche Hall 5262

Greg Woolf is Ronald J Mellor Professor of Ancient History.

Greg has broad interests in the culture of the Roman world, especially its relation to the various power dynamics that formed the empire. His first book Becoming Roman in Gaul examined the formation and transformation of provincial cultures through archaeological evidence. He has also written on literacy, on ancient knowledge cultures and libraries, on ethnography, on the Roman economy, on ancient cities and on the emergence of religions. His latest book is Gendering Roman Imperialism, co-edited with Hannah Cornwell. Currently he is working on books on migration and mobility in antiquity, on seasonality and society at Rome (based on his 2022 Sather Lectures) and on a study of how cultural change was managed in Rome in the very long term. Greg is the Editor of the Journal of Roman Archaeology