JuliAnne Rach

A photo of JuliAnne Rach

JuliAnne received her B.A. from St. Olaf College with majors in Classics and Humanistic Archaeology ( magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) in 2020 and her M.A. in Classics, Ancient History emphasis, from the University of Arizona in 2022. Her Master’s thesis, “Practicing Magic: An Evaluation of Magic, Gender, and Power in Tacitus’ Annales,” explored how Tacitus engages with the literary discourse of venenum in his commentary on Julio-Claudian imperial power and was awarded the Norman Austin Outstanding M.A. Thesis Award. JuliAnne’s primary areas of interest are Latin historiography, the Julio-Claudians, and Roman religions. She is specifically interested in the portrayals of religions and religious activity in the works of Roman historians, the impact of the elite biases present in these texts, and how these issues intersect and converse with depictions of women and gender in Roman literature.