Mariam Usmani

A photo of Mariam Usmani

Mariam Usmani graduated with a B.A. from DePaul University in Political Science and in Media and Cinema Studies. She earned her post-baccalaureate certificate in Classical Studies from Loyola University Chicago. and her M.A. in Museum and Exhibition studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her Master’s thesis, “Representations of the Body in Pain: Antiquities, the Enlightenment and the Pageantry of Museums,” explored questions surrounding the portrayal of pain in Hellenistic sculpture, and the ethics of depicting and discussing the pain of others. She is still broadly interested how pain is characterized in both material culture and in literature. In her free time, Mariam is a pop culture enthusiast. In Spring of 2019 at DePaul University, she co-taught “Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies Through the Lens of Pop Culture,” which culminated in a study abroad trip to the United Kingdom.