Tianran Liu

A photo of Tianran Liu

Tianran Liu graduated from Renmin University of China with a B.A. in Classics (2015) and from Tufts University with an M.A. in Classics (2018).  Her M.A. thesis – “Reviving and Revising the Classical Past: Studies in the Intertextuality of Lucian’s True Histories” – examines Lucian’s intertextual engagement in True Histories with the Aristophanic corpus, with the Homeric epics, and with his own other prior works.  She presented the first chapter of her thesis at the 2018 CAMWS convention.  She completed a digital syntactic analysis (word-by-word treebanked commentary) of the first book of True Histories under the supervision of J. Matthew Harrington.  Tianran was a member of ASCSA summer program in 2017 and was awarded an ASCSA Field open scholarship, the same summer, she was also awarded a Tufts Concordia Fellowship to conduct independent site and museum study in Rome.

Tianran is interested in close analysis of intertextuality, rhetorical strategies, and the subtle deployment of word choice and stylistics – especially as seen in the ancient Greek and Latin novels.  She also finds digital syntactic analysis extremely fascinating.  In her leisure time, she loves to read ancient Chinese texts.


  • BA in Classics, Renmin University of China (2015)
  • MA in Classics, Tufts University (2018)