2020-2021 Helen Caldwell Award Recipients

Published: October 29, 2021

Each year the Department is pleased to bestow the annual Helen Caldwell Awards and Prizes, named in honor of a dedicated teacher of Greek and Latin in our department for over thirty years (1939-70). Helen Caldwell graduated in the first class at UCLA to award the Bachelor of Arts in 1925 and earned her MA in Latin fourteen years later. She later was employed by the Classics Department for 30 years until her retirement in 1970. A dedicated teacher of Latin and Greek, Helen Caldwell was also a respected scholar of Brazilian literature, one of the first to translate into English some of the most important works of the 19th century novelist Machado de Assis. The Caldwell Prizes are given each year to the top students in our department who demonstrate excellence in the major, minor, and elementary languages. The recipients for 2020-21 for Outstanding Major are Alex Adame (Classical Civilization), Emily Liu (Classical Civilization), and Olivia Shearin (Classical Civilization). The recipients for 2020-21 for Outstanding Minor are Shanahan Europa (Classical Civilization), Maddie Gutierrez (Classical Civilization), and Kelli Woodward (Classical Civilization). The recipients for Elementary Greek and Latin are Gideon Burnes Heath (Greek) and Amay Jain (Latin). The award recipient of the Gus and Judie Christopoulos Award for Modern Greek is Sofia Foondos. To view images of our award winners, please visit our Helen Caldwell Awards and Prizes page.

Congratulations to all!